Welcome to the future of Safety
Living by choice, not living by chance

The cost of injury is great. The cost of a human life is even greater.

Seeing with new eyes

ZERO® is an amazing tool that helps businesses and their employees see a problem before it happens. Using claims data from previous incidents, live feedback from members of your community, and connections to the nearest safety services, ZERO® gives every employee vital information when they need it the most.


ZERO® enables everyone to become a safety manager.

Team members can report hazards, visualize issues and communicate
across teams.

Our built-in messaging makes it fast and easy to communicate.

How Zero Works


Employees are given the ability to be ZERO Heroes. Each individual can build their profile around how many unsafe conditions they have thwarted or even how they have saved others in their community.


The ability to share data with organizations and individuals within your industry.

The more people post, the smarter the community gets.

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